Bye Winter. Hello Spring

Hello! It’s time to Welcome Spring and watch the colourful flowers grow! Welcome sunny days, picnics in the countryside, more outdoor fun and preparations for Easter falling on Sunday 14th April this year. I celebrate my birthday this season on April 7th and as always I have taken on a lot of work for the business and the blog too which means that I jet set again 2 or 3 times for fashion and travel and PR related purposes! My daughter Luna is now starting to form sentences and shout out colours and names of animals (so cute) including bunny, yellow, pink, red, and of course the words yes, no and most importantly shoes and bags haha. That’s my girl!


My Look

I thought I’d kick off Spring with this oh so pretty dress from London F Cafe that I wore in Vittoriosa this week. I like this dress because it can be worn during the day and also in the evening. By simply changing the accessories you can give it the day or night look you want. A little black dress with pretty flowers embroidered in blue and white, I styled it with a new pair of blue patent stilettos from Aldo at The Point and my classic Michael Kors purse from Rebelli. When the sun was shining bright I was happy to bring out my Versace shades and enjoy being a tourist for the day together with photographer Bernard Polidano and makeup artist Natasha Polidano. I enjoyed it a lot!



A walk through the streets of Birgu

We took photos of this dress in the pretty streets of Birgu also known as Vittoriosa. Some history for my international followers. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, the Angevines, the Aragonese and the Order of St John all contributed to the development of this city called Birgu. After being driven out of Rhodes by the Ottoman Empire, the Order of St John were granted Malta as their new home. In 1526, the Order sent a commission made up of eight knights to Malta, representing each of the Langues or Knights Hospitallers. When they arrived in 1530, they decided to make Birgu the capital city of Malta, since the former capital, Mdina, was inland and did not suit their naval requirements.

Birgu in Malta was the site of major battles between the Knights and the Ottoman Empire during the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. After four months of successful defence by the Knights, the city was almost captured by the Ottoman army in August, but was recaptured by the Knights under Grand Master Jean Parisot de Valette. Reinforcements from Sicily arrived a month later, and the siege was abandoned by the Ottomans.

After this, a new capital city was built on Mount Sceberras, bearing the name Valletta. In 1571, the Knights transferred their convent and seat to the new capital and Birgu lost some of its importance. Despite this, after the Siege, Birgu was given the title Città Vittoriosa, Italian meaning “the victorious city”.





I find the history of the Maltese islands so fascinating!

Stay tuned for my daily fashion, travel and beauty posts this season with love from me at plus Giveaways to die for on my Facebook Page Blog by Grazielle !


I was wearing

Dress: London Fashion Café
Shoes: Aldo Shoes @ PAMA Mosta
Bag: Michael Kors @ Rebelli
Make Up: Natasha Polidano
Photography: Bernard Polidano




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