I Just Joined Cynergi Gym

Hi Guys and Girls! As many of you know, I love to exercise regularly. Since my very young years as a student at school, I have always believed in all the positive physical and psychological benefits of practising any form of exercise. I personally jog outdoors daily early morning and then fit in weight training sessions and extra dance classes at my dance school throughout the week, to ensure I get an all-round fitness programme, and this way I keep strengthening cetain techniques month after month and relaxing my mind. I was curious to explore the newly refurbished CYNERGI gym so I have just joined with a 3 month membership; Join me to see how I get on here! This way I can show you the new gym and share some tips with Aaron Kitcher, the personal trainer that has been chosen by the management to be my mentor this season!



At First Glance

I remember how the gym was before. The changes are immense! Focusing on quality in quantity, all machinery has been updated to top of the range equipment. Cynergi took this opportunity to donate all of their existing equipment to different charities and organisation around the island including Caritas Prison, Dar il-Wens, Dar il-Kaptan, Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja and also St. Edwards School and Depiro Gym, where they will be used for educational purposes. Nice humanitarian gesture!

The Eden Leisure Group has invested in the latest fitness solutions from the global leaders: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Insignia. There are hundreds of machines lined up in each section dedicated to different exercise regimes, so there is highly unlikely any moment where you will be waiting in the queue to use a machine! Staff are very very friendly and helpful. You know how it is when you are totally new to a place and you don’t even know how to swipe the cards in the changing rooms to open the brand new lockers. haha




I have just joined and started to get acquainted with the place and some machines. So far, I have been to the gym a few evenings on my own initiative and used the treadmills, some Hammer Strength machines for chest exercises and also the TRX suspension systems for upper body strength and toning. I have also done two personal training sessions with Aaron Kitcher which have left me very satisfied with aches and pains all over haha. In the upcoming blogs about Cynergi and my experience here, I will cover some pointers and tips with help from Aaron. I will also let you know how the classes are. I have not yet tried them out as I have been super busy…but I will! Cool with you? Stay tuned! I really want to Charge My Body! I still have the energy despite my 40+ age and I wish to keep inspiring you to also do some form of exercise or join this gym too which has excellent starter packages for all of you. No excuses! Just Do It as Nike slogan says..




When I asked about the new refurbishment Simon De Cesare, Director of Operations and Kate De Cesare, Director of Marketing commented to my blog as follows:

“As an innovative group, we continue to aspire to be at the forefront of all the businesses we operate in. Cynergi Health and Fitness is a case in point. After operating in this industry for over 35 years we have a unique knowledge of what customers want for their health and fitness requirements. Quality equipment, quantity and personal care by qualified well trained staff. Cynergi is the largest gym with by far the best equipment on the island and we sincerely welcome Grazielle to experience our gym and enjoy your new membership with us.”

Thank you very much for your warm welcome. Looking forward to use the gym and let my followers know how what it’s like!


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NIKE outfit by Urban Jungle at The Point – My Partners through this journey with Cynergi

Photography: Samuel Meilak for Blog By Grazielle. All photography rights reserved at www.graziellecamilleri.com

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