Streets of Gold

If I previously was a person who believed that everything is possible, then this trip to Dubai has all the more strengthened my belief. A mere week in this destination was just enough to help me understand once again that when the human mind has a strong vision and is backed up by resources, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Impossible is nothing in this intriguing city and it has really tickled all my senses!

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Grazeille small-7The entrance to our resort, the Jumeirah Zabeel el Sarey

In the last 15 years, the United Arab Emirates has become world famous with its avant-garde architecture – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeira and Dubai Water Canal just to name a few. The major turning point in the history and fortunes of Dubai was the discovery of oil in 1966.Coupled with the joining of the newly independent country of Qatar and Dubai to create a new currency, the Riyal after the devaluation of the Persian Gulf rupee which had been issued by the Government of India. It enabled Dubai to rapidly expand and grow. Once the first shipment of oil was made in 1969, the future of Dubai as an autonomous state was secured, and its ability to dictate policy in later years to the UAE was cemented.

Some great leaders and visionaries out there had a strong desire to build a city from the ground up, a city that would resemble one in sci fi movies with flying cars and people dressed in white suits, ultra-modern homes with people who live in harmony and wealth together. Well OK they might not be there yet, but oh my goodness, the concept is there and it is incredible what this population has achieved and built in this brief amount of time.

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Skycrapers everywhere, beautiful attractions for tourists and locals alike, shopping malls to quench even the most addicted shopaholic’s thirst, safety measures to protect locals and visitors and business, amazing hotels for holiday and luxury properties for investment. You name it, Dubai has built it – and if something is not there yet, well I am so sure that it is on their list of things to be done within the next decade.

If they have built The Palm Islands on water they can build mountains, they can make things fly if they want to because their visions are strong and there is determination for the benefits of the country’ s well being as a whole. The current ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is widely credited for advancing Dubai’s infrastructure and economy making the city attractive for its tourism and its investments.

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Why did I call this blog “Streets of Gold”?

I wanted to highlight the fact that this country’s wealth is so evident everywhere and I was impressed. Everything is grandiose, magnificent. I was awestruck by the beautiful cars, the skycrapers, the wonderful buildings and parks, the attention to detail and the high quality standard of life in general.

Secondly I wanted to find a way of introducing to this beautiful new dress I just bought from The Luxury Outlet at The Strand in Sliema Malta. It is a  Plein Sud maxi dress; Love the colour, the flow the design and I just had to have it for my trip where I was planning to bask in the sun and go out for dinner and drinks to some fancy places!!

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For this particular outfit, since we were going out to a chic restaurant and lounge, I paired it with a colourful, embroidered matching purse and sandals from River Island and these ultra chic sunglasses from Dolce e Gabbana Collection at Vision Opticians.

Makeup and hair was done by my friend and makeup artist Jean Zammit. Jean has been residing in Dubai for 11 years and he has seen it grow month by month, year by year and it is his second home. He will returning to Malta soon to pursue some dreams up his sleeve, so we look forward to welcoming back home in summer! It was fun to have had this shoot with you and the photographer Mirjana.

This dress was photographed outside the main entrance of the wonderful 5 star resort we stayed at which was the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray resort on The Palm Islands. Thanks to our travel agency ROCS TRAVEL, from a wide selection of properties, we opted for this one because we read great reviews and it came highly recommended by our agency. They took great care of us and I look forward to sharing the details of our experience about the hotel next week!

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Our Resort: The Jumeirah Zabeel el Sarey Resort on the Palm Islands in Dubai

This city has inspired me

I would like to end this particular blog by saying how inspired I am from this trip. I leave this city feeling determined to keep following my heart, chasing my visions and inspiring others to do what they believe is right for them to do. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone or be confrontational to make things happen, that’s life. It is a journey and nothing happens on its own. We have to nurture what we sow and we will see these results of our decisions and actions, good or bad. It’s OK. Success is what you make it to be. Go out there and search for your own gold and it does not have to be money that I am talking about – it could be friendship, it could be love, it could be a new job, it could be trying out a new project and it could be giving back something to the community. Whatever it is make it your own! Find your own Streets of Gold!

Love and light to all


I was wearing:

Dress:  Plein Sud @ The Luxury Outlet
Bag: River Island @ The Point
Shoes: River Island @ The Point
Sunglasses: Dolce e Gabbana, Vision Opticians
Make Up: Jean the make up artist
Photography: Mirjana K Photography

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  1. Very nice blog. I like it that you bring fashion with a little travel and history of a Dubai. DO you like travel . Do you travel often ?


    Rachel Pollacco.

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