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Following our wonderful date night at Jazz Cave in St Julian’s, Malta a few months ago, we were back for another round! The restaurant manager Piero was so pleased with the feedback received from my travel blog post that he kindly invited me to re-visit , this time to experience the new menu for first quarter of 2017. I gladly accepted the invite together with my husband and a couple of international guests. So, I had an excuse to wear my new River Island playsuit and black purse, added a pair of black patent Fersini shoes, gorgeous jewellery by the brand Christina at 202 Jewellery and we were off to this lovely place situated at the sub-terranean level of the Hotel Juliani in Spinola Bay, St Julians.





Warm welcome once again by Piero and all his vibrant team dressed in their black and white trendy uniforms. My husband Marco, myself, Mark Molnar and Babek Malmaci met at 8pm at the bar, had a few photos snapped by guest photographer Ron Kerr and kicked off our evening by having a glass of champagne each at the bar. Hosting these handsome gentlemen to this experience, I explained to them that we like this place because of its unique set up allowing for jazz entertainment during dinner, hence ideal for corporate meetings and also romantic dates. They loved the décor of the place and immediately felt comfortable. It was going to be a good night. I knew it!

We were shown to our table next to the entertainment and dance floor area. From the extensive wine list including Fresco Baldi Nipozzano, Morellino Di Scansano, Chardonnay Signature 1685 and Chardonnay Pinot Noir 1685 we selected a rose’ recommended by Piero.




This restaurant, for who has not been yet has this modern take on the menu with electronic tablets where you can order your items. Your order goes straight to the bar or kitchen. Of course if you are more the traditional type, they do have the menu on paper too. All you have to do is ask for it.

The restaurant is so elegant and reminds me of New York Jazz clubs. Dim tasteful lighting highlights the crisp white tablecloths and the contemporary glass and tableware. Jazz Cave features a dancefloor where some nights apart from dance shows, customers can enjoy live musical performances of singers and bands brought in from across the globe. Only high quality meats and seafoods are sourced and delivered fresh daily 6-days a week. All expertly prepared to each customer’s total gratification.

As starters we ordered a selection to share including:

• pan fried scallops served on minted garden pea puree, chorizo, crispy parsnips and fresh basil
• pan fried Foie Gras served on porto prunes
• beef carpaccio served with rucola salad parmesan shavings, toasted walnuts and mustard dressing
• Moroccan prawns spicy and grilled, served with minted yoghurt and salad leaves

Already with these starters, we were all in awe of the exceptional taste, especially the Foie Gras, OMG! I have no words. We ordered a second portion of it, yes it was that sublime. Myself and Mark Molnar share similar tastes in food and we both kept closing our eyes and waving our hands in total bliss.





The four of us were all catching up on our current activities and business we have all been working on as well as our personal experiences. As entrepreneurs and human beings it is valuable to exchange experiences – successes and failures – learn from some and also laugh about others – it makes us grow and gives our characters all the more flavour. You live and you learn. If you don’t try things, you will never know – that’ s how I see it! The gentlemen are all following my blogs which makes me very happy to know – men check out my posts regularly too. Great feedback. Thank you.




We were then served the main dishes. The presentation of the dishes is to be highly commended. I could imagine the various chefs checking each creation one by one as they leave the Jazz Cave’s kitchen. We had the pleasure of tasting:

• In-house made tagliatelle served with Maltese spiced rabbit mince and herb infused white wine sauce. (This dish can be ordered as a starter portion too)
• Rib-Eye steak served with roasted potato, grilled vegetables and red wine sauce
• Crispy salmon served with roasted vegetables, Mediterranean prawn sauce and salad
• Mediterranean lamb chops with spicy BBQ sauce, dried fruits, cous cous and minted yoghurt on the side.
• Corn Fed baby chicken with roasted vegetables and Cajun sauce.



All of these were excellent in their own way. Well done indeed for these new dishes. In the meantime Babek has this dry and cheeky sense of humour going and had us giggling all throughout dinner but he still allowed us to eat our food and drink to our heart’s content.



Jazz entertainment was part of this wining and dining experience. We enjoyed very tasteful jazz performances by a local jazz quartet band and and this particular night there was a guest singer by the name of Deborah Carew. Beautiful! Elegant and sensual woman singing jazz and blues songs. Every week, apart from local talent, singers and performers are flown in to Malta to perform at this venue for regular guests or for special pre-booked corporate events or themed parties. It is the only Jazz Cave in Malta after all!





We were curious to try out the sweets menu. I ordered the Moroccon almond pudding and apple chutney with vanilla ice cream. Marco ordered the chocolate pate’ wit chocolate and raspberry colis. Mark and Babek opted for the vanilla cheesecake with raspberry jelly and special apricot served in a tall cup.


Oh my my! A visit to this restaurant is worth it just for these delicacies. I tasted them all and was really enamoured with all of them. How the chefs manage to create such interesting dishes from simple ingredients like fruit and cream and jelly – and make them look like works of art too is beyond me! Compliments to the team once again. You had us astounded.



This restaurant is one of the best places we’ve been to for an elegant dining experience with entertainment, food and wine lists in abundance and excellent service to match. If they don’t mind us, we will return for more and more!

Thank you very much for this experience at Jazz Cave!

My Rating: 5/5

The Jazz Cave Malta, Hotel Juliani, Spinola Bay
Tel no 2138 8000 / mobile 7927 3097



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I was wearing:

Playsuit: River Island @ The Point
Shoes: Fersini
Bag: River Island @ The Point
Jewellery: Christina @ 202 Jewellery





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