Party Time with my princess

Family life can be quite challenging at times but with a positive attitude I believe everything is possible. In the mornings, the three of us wake up around 6.30 am, we go for a jog together, meaning my husband and I jog for an hour or so pushing our daughter in her pram. Then we rush to get ready to be able to start work by approximately 9 am. Baby Luna is great at entertaining herself at the moment, building castles with her legos, watching Peppa Pig on her ipad and with a recent addition of a Play Doh set, she is just over the moon making shapes and of course making a whole mess of the bedroom side table!



I don’t usually involve my daughter in blogs unless it’s some interesting collaboration with a brand that I work with, but on this occasion we were on our way out to a birthday party and my husband captured these cute shots that I thought it a pity not to show you!


Since I have become pretty busy with work commitments, the TV programmes and the blog, I really treasure and love spending my time off with my little princess who will soon be 2 years old! I watch her develop, see her become her own little person, making her own tiny decisions and just absorbing the big world around her. I love taking her out on little outings when I’m free, to do something cute together and she loves it. I’m just a proud mama I guess. The other day we had a date to go to a birthday party! Yes!

We were invited to Gaia’s 3rd birthday party. Wow! What a beautiful theme and presentation! Theme was “Under The Sea”. We arrived to a place decorated tastefully by Francesca, Gaia’s mum who is a pro at creative decorations and doing wonderful things with her two kids. Attention to detail was splendid as you can see in a few pictures she cared to share with us. My daughter Luna just had a splendid time playing with other kids or simply being in her own world, doing her thing. It just makes me happy to see her happy. It is also sweet to meet other mums from all walks of life at these parties. It all makes me smile and I’m so grateful for everything that this journey being a mum is teaching me and will keep teaching me throughout the rest of my days as a parent.

The party was amaaaaazing and we had a lovely time!









My dress: BBY
Shoes: Primadonna Collection
Bag: Gucci
Hair: He & She
Makeup; Melita Health & Beauty
Luna’s dress: Next
Photos of the party by M & J Photo Studio International courtesy of Gaia and Nina Blog
Decorations: Francesca, blogger at Gaia and Nina Blog

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