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Holidays make me so happy and I feel extremely re-energised after each one. When you travel with kids, it is a little less relaxing but still very enjoyable and I’m ever so grateful to have been away for two weeks with my family. However, after the holiday, it’ s back to business as usual. I got through the tons of e-mails and listed all the things to be done at work and at home. The first week back was hectic, full of meetings for my marketing business and the fashion blog and a filming session for a real estate online channel. Plus that, I am a mum and a wife with my daily duties there too. But hey, that is how I like it. I love to be busy and I’m always inventing new things to do, new things that challenge me 



As for the look in this blog, I wore this outfit one early evening while on holiday in Los Cristianos when my husband and I went out for a bite to eat and for a stroll along the beach coast afterwards. I bought this white dress with printed shoes on it from a little shop in Tenerife because it’s so unique and fun and I love shoes! Who doesn’t. So here I just had some fun with it.

I had been wanting to try out a double-braided updo for ages, but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but the dress gave me that extra confidence to try it out – Yes my perfect excuse! Plaited hair is so in fashion this season. It is a fun and unique hairstyle. It is neat and so comfortable especially on a holiday in a destination with hot temperatures when it’s not ideal to wash and blow dry your hair everyday!

I styled the dress by wearing it with my black patent Michael Kors wedges from Rebelli, a black leather Ripani bag from Porto and dark red mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses. As for make up, I felt it needed a bright red lipstick. It was a simple and fun outfit and my husband loved it too. He thought I looked cute. Jackpot! 







I was wearing:

Dress: Sfera
Shoes: Michael Kors @Rebelli Malta
Bag: Ripani @Porto Malta
Sunglasses: Rayban @Optika, @Vision Opticians, @Optika Opticians Malta

Photography: Marco Ahlgren

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