I can’t believe that the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week is soon over! It has been a great experience for all of us. So, last night, the last two shows after the one by Gagliardi were by two designers who ooze such confidence and elegance through their creations.

Show 1 Milica Trickovic from Serbia

Thanks to the cooperation agreements that Serbia Fashion Week concluded with 24 fashion weeks around the world, this year Malta Fashion Week welcomes Serbian designer Milica Tričković who presented her collection HUNTER.

ronald camilleri 1

This collection which represents the eternal hunger of a woman for beautiful things and her ongoing desire to catch the thread of glamour and turn it into her daily way of dressing showcased a number of high fashion pieces that any classy woman with love for a uniquely elegant look would want as part of their wardrobe selection.

Ronald Camilleri 2

On the catwalk last night we saw a variety of gorgeous creations by Milica. The first few were pale blue dresses with lace detailing. Translucent lace, the ever-so-feminine embellishment, a favourite with several fashionable woman across the globe, including myself. Long swaying dresses, short dresses, three-quarter coats and a myriad of designs made with an extremely interesting patchwork technique. This collage of different materials included a fantastic and tasteful mix of leather, faux fur, sequins based material and lace.

ronald camilleri 3

We also saw a few pieces with a deep cleavage and accentuated waists that give a touch of sexiness and femininity and a few long classic style black dresses with lace detailing.

ronald camilleri 4

Ronald Camilleri 4b

Milica believes that women can be whatever they want. I like to agree.

ronald camilleri 5

All photos of Milica’s show are by Ronald Camilleri

Beautiful collection Milica! Thank you for treating us to this show.

If you are interested to learn more about this talented designer visit

We waited with anticipation for this show. Following last year’s Painted Black collection at Fashion Week, one would think what sexier and bolder show can fashion designer Nilay Camilleri pull off!

Nilara 1 all by jason spiteri

This year, to the aggressive remix of the music Insomnia ( I Can’t Get No Sleep) by Faithless Nilara presents a wonderful collection. We see lots of leather pieces combined with black or bright coloured delicate lace and organza, daring designs for the confident and sexy woman of today.

Nilara 2

“Every day is a fashion show, the world is your runway make the best out of it, because life is too short to wear boring dresses!”- Nilay

nilara 3

Insomnia…Portraying the realms of imagination, Insomnia bears the trademark of Nilay Camilleri – her exploration of a woman’s sensuality through her extraordinary vision of the female form. The latest offering from the house of Nilara, Insomnia took us on an exciting journey tonight. Leather, leather, lots of leather and lace, short dresses, long dresses, trousers – Oh my my!

Nilara 4

I will let all these pictures do the talking! We certainly ended the array of fashion shows with a bold and sensual bang this year!

nilara 5

Thanks for the creative treat Nilay and thank you for the beautiful black dress I wore to your show! Look forward to seeing more and more from you! xxx

nilara 7

All Photos by All photos of Nilay’s show by Jason Spiteri

For those of you interested to see Nilara gowns simply visit her website You can also follow Nilara on Facebook at 

This special Fashion Week is made up of incredible shows, parties, events and many other cultural events, reaching the highest standards in the fashion industry culminating tonight with the Chamilia Fashion Awards 2016 event tonight. All the people who worked very hard last year, and got nominated get to celebrate together in another all-night long party to celebrate fashion and passion in Malta. Good luck to all the nominees. Let’s all party together tonight!!


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Photo by Justin Ciappara

Dress by Nilara at the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week 2016

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