From office to evening out

In today’s day and age – the modern era of mass communication, women are standing at par shoulder to shoulder with men in every field. Whether single or married, they are career women, working to make a difference. They therefore need to find hard working dresses that take them effortlessly from the office to the evening and they have to feel good in their skin :-)


I found this dress that makes me feel fabulous both day and night and I wanted to show it to you. I had an after-work event at Palazzo Parisio so I chose to wear this three quarter length black and cream dress from Miss Selfridge. I accessorised it with a beautiful Braccialini Bag and shoes by Mineli. Since it was a little cold last week, I wore it with my black suede and leather jacket from Mango, which is not a classic jacket like the dress, but mixing them together gave the outfit a bit of a casual feel for the event with my friends.


Today’s look is ideal for a woman who works during the day and then has plans to meet friends after work for drinks. It is a classy option to a traditional skirt suit but accessorised my style, with a bit of pizazz.

Grazielle Camilleri 1

This week, Mixa’s Salon wanted to test my ability to surrender to their able hands to show me and my followers that sometimes a hairstyle can be suitable for work and also for going out. With all the weddings this season, it is worth trying out new looks. Although I was a little scared to go so different, I loved it! It gave the look an overall retro feel. Sometimes I admit that I have to be pushed try new styles. Straight long hair dos can become boring sometimes. Thank you once again for taking care of my hair ladies!

Grazielle Camilleri Miss Selfridge 5

Grazielle Camilleri Miss Selfridge 6




Thought of the week

I came across this quote last week by Lady Gaga. It made me think of the countless women in the world who choose to spend a great deal of their precious time and energy chasing the man of their dreams, while others chase their dreams and careers first and hope that they find love and prince charming in the process. I know it is nothing to do with fashion but I thought Id throw it out there. Ladies, and gentlemen, following your passions gives you life purpose. Doing what you love keeps you happy and excited about life, so let’s all try to do more of that, shall we?


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I was wearing:-

Dress: Miss Selfridge, Malta
Bag: Braccialini at Porto, Portomaso Shopping Centre
Shoes: Mineli
Hair: Mixas Salon
Make up: Janice at The Make Up Mafia
Photography: Christine Agius Tellus

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